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Entrepreneurship – The Starting Point


You are a panel committee member evaluating business plans of budding entrepreneurs.  The first contestant comes forth, introduces herself and her business .. she recounts the degrees she earned, the awards she received, the companies she worked in and the titles she had during her years of service. She presents facts, figures and a robust competitive business plan rich with analysis.

Another entrepreneur tells a story of passion, trials and tribulations, self-exploration, and a realization of a calling, a dream that persisted to bring about a change… a seed sown in early childhood or adolescence and sprouting day by day through a rich life journey.  She proceeds to support her story with a business plan presenting facts, admitting to shortcomings, that she expects to address through collaboration.

Who do you support?

To be entrepreneurial you must have a vision… to have a vision, you must be inspired… to be inspired, means to be living in spirit.

  • How does one live  in spirit?
  • How does inspiration impact business?
  • Does having information through a robust business plan suffice?
  • Do you care to see and hear the passion and see it come through?
  • What happens when the imperfections of life and variables of market conditions test the plan?
  • Does the inspired or informed entrepreneur manage adversity and business challenges better?

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