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Dubai for Acumen’s Social Entrepreneurship Event

Social Entrepreneurship: The Social Impact, an event organized by the Dubai for Acumen was a real inspiration, and the team at Baraka Ventures were very happy to have participated in the work leading up to the event, in planning and in kind sponsorship, and during the event.

Rama Chakaki, CEO of Baraka, moderated the panel of speakers, while Mahmoud Abu Wardeh, General Manager of Baraka, introduced his revolutionary idea of Limbuilder.

The ambiance of change makers was exhilarating and the speakers/ panelists gave very rewarding talks and discussions. The event initiated dialogue around ideas and platforms that motivate social entrepreneurship and development in the region, and was a great medium for collaboration amongst established entrepreneurs, social leaders of the region, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our contributions in planning and in kind sponsorship:

  • Connected Dubai for Acumen with numerous social entrepreneurs from the region (speakers and panelists)
  • Helped brainstorm the points for discussion at the panel and instigate the talk
  • Suggested organizations that would like to exhibit and showcase their businesses

For pictures of the event, check out the following link

For more information about the event, the panelists and speakers, and organizers,  check out  Social Entrepreneurship: The Social Impact   on Facebook.