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I received an email this week from a young Arab professional titled “Career Advice”.  It was a very honest account of his struggles to feel fulfilled, realize his potential.. make sense of his career path.. he has a job he dislikes, he’s always told he’s not realizing his full potential.. he cannot even recall what he’s passionate about.

My response is what follows; if you have an opinion, please share…

  1. as humans, we are not made to work desk jobs for most our waking hours
  2. today’s jobs are too monotonous especially for people with active minds
  3. you cannot survive without hobbies that take you in directions radically different from your routine.
  4. change is good
  5. articulating your passions is essential.. even if just on paper.. write them out.. say them, speak about them to anyone willing to listen.. some will stay with you, other passions will fizzle away.. at least you’d get them out of your system.
  6. don’t plan for a life time.. plan in 3 year increments…
  7. count your blessings every morning.. celebrate the small successes.
  8. be a child in your curiosity and excitement.  be happy when things go right… get excited for adventure and new experiences.. even if they feel uncomfortable.. a child is happy running around for hours in a garden, even if they feel exhausted afterwards..
  9. think now.. don’t think future all the time.. you have to be reaching your potential.. today.. wake up feeling great.. maintain the greatness all day.. despite what you hear in your head..
  10. let your inner compass guide you..don’t listen to others.. good, bad, or ugly .. other people’s opinions don’t matter.. they either make us think we have things they see or want to see, or they put us down for not realizing the potential they see in us… you have to be guided from within.

One response to “career advice..

  1. Cesar Cortes May 19, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Rama, thank you for writing and posting these thoughts. Very inspiring, wonderful advise!
    Thank you!


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