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Abundance Theory – conversation threads and questions.

How does 1+1 equal a million?

How do you unleash the power of many?

Is a focus on a single bottom line more effective than one a triple bottom line? It is simpler; but is it more effective?

Does a single bottom line mean forgoing measures, or merging them?

Must you look for a problem to solve? Or do you stumble on solving a problem?

What lessons of abundance can one learn from Nature?

How do you create a collaborative, agile, creative, efficient framework for organizations / entrepreneurs /  to operate within?

A thought provoking conversation with Ihsan Jawad; the second of many I hope to have to shed light on a needed dialogue on an alternative framework; barakability and abundance theory, Rizq and Risk, return and reward.

A new lexicon

  • Marketing => Cause Marketing
  • Business => Social Business
  • Information Technology => Inspiration Technology
  • Think Tanks => Do Tanks
  • Competition => Coopetition
  • Arab Women . An industry of social enterprise
  • Arab Youth . The case for place-based education

One response to “Abundance Theory – conversation threads and questions.

  1. m.tamari December 3, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Rama. interseting but very deep. have to read it again.

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