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..give me your hungry..

Iftar time
Long long long lines
Waiting time

Imam sings
Joy does ring
As fast is finally

Dates & drinks
Then one thinks
Of grabbing rice & meat

Silent. Crowd
They fill their mouths
Souls get filled by

On the street
Feel the heat
Rising up from

Plastic sheet
beneath our feet
Bare to show
We’re humble

A breeze
Thank god
Ten minutes and
Its prayer time

2010 08 27 1900
308 Rd Mosque
My first Mosque Iftar
richard laurence

Richard Laurence is an American living in Dubai. He embraces the culture and seeks experiences to get to know the people of the UAE. Richard is a poet, a humanitarian, a sensitive soul.

In NY, statue of liberty stands on a platform engraved with the poem by Emma Lazarus:

“..Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..”


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