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Khalil’s Story – 4th Update

Khalil spent the past few days completing the written exams, and receiving internet and email training.

He is also signed up to the PCRF Online Social Community,  to begin interacting with volunteers digitally.  The objective is to enable Khalil to communicate with volunteers and community members he met during his visit after he returns to Gaza. Please join the community, connect with Khalil and send him words of encouragement.

Khalil watched videos of an MIT double amputee scientist, Dr. Hugh Herr who is working to develop smart prosthetic limbs, and a video on two college students who are developing diving limbs for amputee divers.

Iman, Patients Affairs Coordinator with the PCRF discussed with Khalil his future plans, and desires.  He answers speaking of great far reaching goals and aspirations, but quickly recalls the reality of life in Gaza and wonders if anything is possible.  He makes one statement “I dream to be in the Olympics”, and follows it with “But how can that ever happen? Do you realize our schools aren’t like Dubai, our classrooms have 50 students and we don’t have any physical education at school!”

Tomorrow Khalil completes the Confined Water Dive Sessions. Please stay tuned for his progress.


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