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Entrepreneruship in a crisis – Take 2 …

We are often asked why we chose the difficult path of investing in entrepreneurship in the arab world; especially during times of financial direness.

We believe, that now more than ever, attention needs to paid to supporting entrepreneurs and creating frameworks for encouraging all forms of entrepreneurship. We are a company that works with and supports social & environmental entrepreneurs. We actively engage in launching and spinning off new ventures.

Others see the economy as a building on fire where people are scrambling to exit with few possessions, and see us grabbing other people’s possessions and run into the flaming building to find a safe corner until the fires are put out. This is not the case! We are building a new house to provide a shelter for those who are running out of the burning building. We do it different, we do it creatively, and we do it sustainably.

While others invest in real-estate, we invest in the two “IP”s (intellectual property and internet protocol).  We invest in people, ideas, in new media ventures.

Using the web to spread our vision, creating online interactive communities of entrepreneurs where people share extraordinary projects that bring forth positive change. Visitors can get inspired by stories of people solving social and environmental problems creatively, volunteer for, fund or provide services to the project owners,  share their own or recommend others’ projects. Starting in the UAE, our vision is to grow regional and global community of like-minded people and organizations.

Watch for….


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